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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Meet Handbird artist Felicity Rogers
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- Selection of Artwork published in the portfolio section of Italian website Circolo Fotografico Controluce.

- Short Film
Dream Within a Dream has been invited to screen at the 3rd International Animation Festival, Istanbul, Turkey. 13th-18th November 2006.

- Short Film Dream Within a Dream was selected to screen at
Magma Short Film Festival, 9th November 2006, Rotorua, New Zealand

Results published from the 2005 edition of BTDesign Art Gallery's Annual Art Award "The Master"

A jury of acclaimed international artists proclaimed Felicity Rogers
with 90% of the votes.
As the artist with the highest score this year the jury also awarded Felicity MASTER of 2005, ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

BTDesign: Best Digital Artist of 2005BTDesign: Master of 2005, Artist of the Year
BTDesign: Golden Art Site Award The Master of 2005 award can't be directly applied for. All of the nominated artists have previously won the GOLDEN ART SITE AWARD.
The 2005 jury consisted of a panel of 35 international judges representing 15 countries.

BTDesign Art Gallery: Felicity Rogers
Visit Felicity's BT Design Art Gallery page & read an in-depth interview conducted by Barbara Tampieri.

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