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Art is coming face to face with yourself ~ Jackson Pollock
Meet Handbird artist Felicity Rogers

When I first discovered “Surrealism” I felt a deep connection to the style of imagery. My passion is in creating magical “dreamscapes” of scenes drawn from the depths of my imagination. Through taking up photography and now computer animation I feel I have the right tools on hand to conjure up whatever visual concept I desire.

My background as a Magician first led to my fascination with “special effects” photography. I was interested in creating visual illusions within my images. Before I moved into the digital realm I created my surreal images in the darkroom. I would construct little “stage sets” to photograph and blend multiple negatives together under the enlarger. When digital technology came on the scene I transferred my photographic skills to the computer but continued to create my surreal style of work.

Working in "black and white" originated from my darkroom background as this was the medium I first learnt to shoot and print with. This passion for monochrome has continued through to my digital work and even my first short animated film. Sometimes stripping an image of colour helps to create a more surreal environment by altering the way we normally view it.


Often when I dream up a photographic concept I picture it fully animated. In the past I have created a number of photographic sequences as a way to tell a story and express what I am seeing. Naturally this led to an interest in 3D Computer Animation. By extending my work through this medium I am able to bring my images to life with movement and music.

"Dream Within a Dream""Dream Within a Dream"
Animated "Hand" Swans from short film Dream Within a Dream
My approach to photography is more like a painter who starts with a blank canvas. A large part of my time is spent visualising the image I want to create. Some concepts come to me as complete images in my imagination. Others are inspired by an interesting object I find, which I then build a picture around. I find constructing a scene that doesn’t exist more of a creative challenge than recording just what the camera sees.

When I create a new image I start by imagining the scene and writing it down on paper. Then I plan what images I need to shoot to make up the photograph. Once the initial photos are taken I can sit down at the computer to mockup a rough composition. The photographs usually take a few hours at the computer to complete depending on how complex the image is.

Most of my artwork is set at the beach with dramatic skies in the background. I've always looked to the sky for inspiration in my work and often an amazing cloud formation is the first photograph I place in my "Photoshop" file.

Moon RiverWind-SweptThe OfferingCat'scapeFish Fingers
The digital photographs in my Art Gallery were taken using an Olympus C-4040 Digital Camera, with 4.1 mega pixels. I have since upgraded to a Fujifilm S2 Pro to increase the maximum size I can print my work to. Each image is made up from about 12 digital photos and combined together in the computer using the software Adobe Photoshop.


The birth of my surreal photography was marked by a photomontage of a swan with fingers for feathers. Originally created while in high school during 1997, Swan Lake was one of the first photographs I later reproduced when making the transition from darkroom to digital. The hand-swan has recently been brought to life through 3D animation in my short film Dream Within a Dream. As my work is branded by my "hand-creature" imagery, the business was named Handbird Productions.

A symbol of my continuing flight through the realms of Fantasy

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